Super Full Moon photos

Moon Watching with Your True Love

So how many of you stepped outside at sunset or sunrise to view the super moon last Sunday?  The “super moon” is a phenomena where the full moon is closest to the earth in it’s elliptical cycle, which only happens once or twice every hundred years. It’s not that big a deal – it’s not a comet or meteor shower or asteroid attacking the planet, but it’s rather pretty and romantic. If you missed it, make sure you schedule December 14th for your moon-watching-with-honey date. It may not be quite as large, but it should still be well worth viewing.

Make it a date

Plan where would be the best place to watch the moon. Plan two locations – one for nice weather, and an alternate for rain or snow. I have a second-floor porch with a porch swing. I’ll make sure to shovel it out next month, and have a thermos of hot toddies and a quilt to snuggle under.

Making Memories

Take a few photos of the moon to put in your scrapbook. Make sure to get a selfie of you and your honey with the beautiful moon in the backdrop. It’s best to view the moon either shortly after dusk or right before dawn, when it’s close to the horizon. If you wish, share your moon pictures here!

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