Anniversary Ideas?

Dear Courage,

Our anniversary is coming up, but I have no idea what we can do! We don’t have time for a romantic get-away. We are in the middle of selling the home we’re in, and buying a new home in just three weeks! I don’t want to buy him a gift that he doesn’t need, that will basically just be one more thing to pack. We could do the dinner-and-a-movie deal, but that’s what we always do. Can you come up with something sweet and romantic, that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and clutter up the house?


Dear Harried,

I’ve been there and I’ve done that! My Dh and I have moved many times in our marriage, and I know what you mean about any gift just being one more thing to pack.

Sometimes you can focus on giving a gift that isn’t an object, but an experience. What are his interests? If he’s in to cars, maybe you could buy tickets to a car museum. Our town has a great airplane museum. Some towns have afternoon boat tours that are only an hour or two, and offer drinks and light refreshments on board. Look into what’s available in your area, and see if there isn’t something that you both might enjoy.

As a variation on the Dinner-and-a-movie theme, why don’t you send the kids out? Make that dinner at home, and watch a movie in your own living room. Turn out all the lights and light up a bunch of candles. Spread blankets and pillows on the floor. If things get very intimate, you can pause the movie to finish watching later! And for that movie… maybe you’d like to get something a bit naughty from an online adult toy store?

If your house is really crazy with packing, maybe a night away from the mess would hit the spot? Can you get someone to stay with the kids, and book a motel for a day or two? Get yourself a lovely new swimming suit or negligee, a bottle of champagne for the room, and let your imagination soar.

The best gift you can give your husband is your undivided attention. That’s more precious than silver or gold.

Hope you have a fantastic anniversary, whatever you decide to do!



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