Best Romance of the Week

I read a lot of books! I read books for work and for play. I read romance, self-help, adventure, nonfiction, children’s books – I have a wide variety of reading material, as I’m never quite sure what mood I’m going to be in when I pick up a book. But for this blog, I will review romance, specifically.

The best book I read all week – all month, actually – is: (drumroll, please!)

Pretend You’re Mine: A Small Town Love Story
by Lucy Score

This book is free on Kindle Unlimited, or just $0.99 for Kindle, and it is marked as a #1 Best Seller with over a thousand reviews – including mine. I did have a complaint about it that I’ll get out of the way right away. The editing is terrible. There were missing periods, missing words, doubled words, and more – which drives an editor right up a wall! I almost put it down as I was getting quite annoyed, but the characters and the plot were good enough that I forged ahead. I really hope she spends more on editorial services with future books, because this is one very talented author!

Luke Garrison is the small-town hero. He’s a captain in the National Guard, and soon to be deployed again. Strong, good-looking and sexy, he’s every girl’s dream, but he doesn’t want a girlfriend! We suspect that somehow his heart was broken and he is unwilling to risk being hurt like that again. His well-meaning family thinks otherwise, and keep foisting girls on him – so when Harper stumbles into his life, she is the perfect solution. She needs a place to stay. He needs a pretend girlfriend so his family will leave him alone.

Of course, pretending to be romantically involved leads to much, much more, but this story is anything but predictable. And I just adored Harper! She was constantly in danger! Not because she made foolish decisions, but because she acted without hesitation to dangerous situations. When she saw a beefy boyfriend battering his little woman, Harper didn’t hesitate to throw herself smack dab into the middle of it! She rescued the woman, getting punched in the face and kicked in the ribs in the process. Instantly, she was launched into hero-status herself.

A Selfless, Courageous Heroine

Harper had a horrible childhood, but she had a sunny, sweet personality, looking for the best in everyone. She was totally selfless, and I admire her so! She wasn’t Pollyanna Perfect, but she was perfectly adorable. And just when you think the couple are going to live happily ever after, the story takes another detour.

I’ve already bought the next book by this author, and I’m past the first chapter – without any typos. I’ll undoubtedly be posting a review of that book as well.

If you buy this book, and like it – or hate it – maybe you would add something in the comments here. And if you’re looking for a great romance – you will not be disappointed by this one!

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