Coming to the End

goodbyesIt’s very quiet here this morning. All of the authors have left except me. (I hope I haven’t overstayed my welcome!) My host has gone back to bed and I am sitting at my computer, hoping to make some progress with my book. I’ve spent most of the week helping to get the new store up and running. I was perfectly willing to be useful, but also wish that I had written more. Still, a whole week in this lovely cabin in the beautiful woods on this tranquil lake has done so much to refresh my soul. I’m looking forward to going back home, instead of contemplating running away.

Today is for writing. There is nothing left to distract me. Tomorrow I will help my host clean up after the retreat, getting sheets washed and beds made as she has more company on the way. Then we might go to a church festival in the afternoon before she takes me to the bus station. I’ll take a bus to the airport, a flight to Detroit, and there my darling will be waiting for me, for the three hour drive home.

I’m working on a story called Fort Laramie. It’s expected to come out soon – so I’d better finish it! The hero is a student of history working on his Ph.D, and is setting up a living history project at the fort. The heroine will come to work for him, but from the start the sparks are flying. The story was begun by someone else years ago. I’ve been asked to flesh it out and make it longer. It will be published under the pen name Coleen Singer.

Make sure you look for it in the next few weeks… I think you’ll really enjoy this one!

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