Cute Nicknames and Endearing Words

How many of you have a favorite nickname? Or do you have a special name for your beloved?

Once upon a time this was far more common than it is today. I remember reading all the Little House on the Prairie books as a child, and I thought it was so strange that Almanzo called Laura “Beth.” How do you get “Beth” from Laura? The names have nothing in common. At least the name she gave him, “Manly” was kind of cute. It was certainly a better name than Almanzo. I’ve never heard of anyone else given that name, have you?

My mom had red hair. My dad had been blond as a boy, but his hair had darkened and then turned silvery. He used to call Mom “Big Red” at times, when he was on vacation and relaxing. He was a very prim and proper gentleman. He did not believe in holding hands in public. He would only call her by her given name in public, not even “Dear” or “darling.” But every vacation, she became “Big Red.”

There was a children’s book about a dog by that title, and some years later, we kids nicknamed Dad “Ol’ Yeller.” He thought it was on account of his blonde hair… but really, it was for another reason entirely! Mom never called him Ol’ Yeller, although she would use words like “dear” freely.

I rarely use a shortened form of my husband’s name. It is a short name anyway, and doesn’t need to be shortened. But others will use the nickname. I just feel that his real name is handsome, respectful, and I love it. I do have a nickname for something else, though…

I like to send him emails at work. He cautioned me about getting too personal, because work emails could be read by his superiors. I then came up with the idea of a secret code word. I say “Chicken Salad” instead of sex. He laughed. He doesn’t particularly like chicken, but if he has to eat it, he does like my chicken salad.

So now I can email him things like, “Dear, would you like to have some chicken salad tonight? I would just love a great, big hard dish of chicken salad. I’ll light the candles, you can bring the chocolate oil.”

Maybe it will drive his boss nuts wondering why we would want to put chocolate oil on a perfectly good chicken salad? Hm… did you even know that they made oil in chocolate? (You can order it from most adult toy stores.)

Some guys will have a nickname for their penis. I’ve heard it called “Willie,” “Peter,” and “George.” We’ve never nicknamed my honey’s… yet. Maybe that’s next?

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