E is for Energy

My best writing happens when I’m energized, not when I’m dead tired and half-asleep. Yet, I’ve developed a terrible habit of staying up too late, sleeping late in the morning, and being tired most of the day. I know I need to turn this around. I want to get up early, write for a bit, exercise, write a bit more, maybe throw in some laundry, and write some more. Then, I could shift over to editing, and edit until suppertime, and then – STOP WORKING. After dinner, I should spend time with my beloved. I have been working at my computer any time I’m awake, because I enjoy it – but I’ve let other things slide. So here’s to new beginnings, and my goal to energized my life.

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  1. racheldevineuk says:

    Me too! The other day I was writing until 3 am!! I don’t mean to stay up so late, but just get carried along with my story. Then I feel really rough the next day. Balance – that’s what I need, but so often hard to achieve.

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