F is for Fun

All work and now play makes me dull. I just had a great weekend away from my computer! Well – I took my laptop with me… but, I printed off photographs and went to scrapbook at a friend’s house. We both enjoy scrapbooking, even though the craft seems to be fading some from popularity. Many new photographers are digitally scrapbooking, or not printing their pictures at all, just leaving them on a hard drive somewhere. I will never give up paper-and-scissors scrapbooking! I’m on a computer all day long for work. When I relax, I want to cut and paste and glue – and reconnect with my roots as a preschool teacher!

Adults forget how to have fun. I think this is one reason why so many adults are uncomfortable around children. They don’t know how to play any more. I love sitting in the sandbox with my grandchildren, building sand castles, creating moats and flooding them with beach water, burying tiny feet in the sand. And then, washing sand down my throat with sandy lemonade, or rinsing most of the sand off in the chilly waters of Lake Michigan.

This has been a freaky spring so far. It’s hot-hot-hot, and then cold-cold-cold. There are strong undertows at the lake, so swimming is not recommended. It’s been overcast and rainy. I’ve taken the grandchildren to Chuck E. Cheese to play, and I created a tub of “Moon Sand” – which amused them for hours. I spread an old shower curtain on my living room carpet to catch much of the spillage, and set the tub of moon sand in the middle of that. Moon sand is a mix of corn meal, corn starch, food coloring and vegetable oil. It creates a unique sensory experience. You can build with it like wet sand. You can scoop it and squish it and smash it and throw it at your sister. And when you are all done, your hands feel nice and soft!

So don’t forget to play. You’ll live longer.


  1. Minelle says:

    I love playing in the sand! I remember as a teen diving into those COLD waters! Hours laying on the beach just watching the boys!!
    I miss the lazy days! Although if we go to a beach and a young one wants to play creatively in the sand, I am there!

  2. racheldevineuk says:

    I quite agree Courage. I spent the day with family at my 2 year old great-niece’s birthday party. Just sitting outside, playing with the children and chatting to the grownups is one of life’s great pleasures. We don’t need to go to expensive theme parks to have fun.

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