Fifteen Success Habits of Highly Paid Authors

ID-10098753 It’s a quiet Sunday afternoon. My DH is golfing, my girls are playing upstairs, and my puppy is sleeping on my feet. I have been listening to podcasts on marketing while playing spider solitaire on my desktop. I’ve learned quite a lot today – I had to keep pausing my card game to take notes!

One podcast was called, “15 Success Habits of Highly Paid Authors.” The podcaster was Tom Corson-Knowles, a young but successful entrepreneur and author of many books including: Secrets of a Six-Figure Income, The Kindle Publishing Bible, Facebook for Business Owners, and more.


Write Every Day

The first habit he listed was that professional authors write every day. That seemed pretty basic – of course they write! But wait… um. When was the last time that I wrote something? I mean, I’m an editor, and I edit every day – but other than a few blog posts, I haven’t written any fiction in months!

It’s definitely time to do something about that. Either I schedule time every day to write, or I can no longer call myself a writer.

He went on to say that some authors only wrote thirty minutes a day, and that few authors actually wrote six or more hours a day. The average was about four hours, although some authors aimed for a specific word count rather than time spent. The point was that all the successful, highly paid authors write every day. Period. No excuses.

I think that most of us who write want to be successful. Maybe we’d really like to be highly paid and successful, too! They aren’t necessarily the same – it would be possible to be successful and not be well-paid. It depends on your definition of success. For some, just having books published, regardless of the sale price, is enough. Some authors write the book to improve their image as a professional, but prefer to make money on speaking engagements or seminars. But for most of us, we want to write and publish our books, and make money at it.

Set Your Writing Goal

So how often do you write? Are you writing daily? Do you have a specific word count?

I’m going to start writing a minimum of one hour a day, every day – or at least six days a week. I’m going to write first thing in the morning, after I’ve made breakfast for my DH and packed his lunch, and walked the puppy, and got that first cup of coffee. So, probably I’ll be writing from 8:00 – 9:00 every day. If it’s going well, I could write longer, but if not, I’ll switch gears then. I could check email, create blog posts, maintain Facebook contacts, and then, get to my day job, which is editing.

I encourage you to post your writing committment here, and your word count! Maybe together we can encourage one another to build our professionality, and become another successful, highly-paid author. And I’ll be posting on the other fourteen habits over the next couple of days, but if you don’t want to wait, you can check out his podcast for yourself.

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  1. Megan Michaels says:

    I write everyday. My goal is 2K a day. Some days it’s a struggle to get 2K, and other days I get 4+K. If I don’t make my goal by Friday, that gets added to the weekend count. When I first started I also read that we’re to write everyday and have tried to stick with it. Now it’s a habit. First thing in the morning after everyone has left, dogs are fed, and coffee is being gulped, I sit with my music and write. I’m anxious to hear about the rest of your findings.

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