Getting Past the Block

We’ve all been there… the most horrible place on the planet! That dark world where creativity is dead and life seems flat and colorless. The period between novels, when we don’t know what to write, can’t write, can’t drag our sorry ass to the computer to even pretend to write. It’s been months since I have written anything even remotely creative – my darling wrote this year’s Christmas letter! I barely managed to fill out the addresses on the envelopes.

I’ve been busy. Or rather, I’ve kept busy. I edit romance fiction for my “day job”, although my hours are all over the place. I’m as likely to be editing at two in the morning as I am at two in the afternoon. I email the authors, illustrators, other editors, the publisher. I email my kids and whatever family members have access to email accounts – most of my extended family are still in the dark ages of pen and paper. I spend hours on Facebook, although I can proudly state that I never waste time on twitter. I don’t think I’ve twitted in ages.

I’ve wasted time, too. I’m all caught up on the few television programs I follow. I always tape them to watch at a more convenient time – meaning, after my darling has gone to bed for the night and I can turn up the volume to my comfort level. That means I can also fast-forward through those time-wasting commercials, because life is too precious to waste!

But what I haven’t done is write anything remotely creative. It’s time! I want to! I need to. I feel like my inner muse is gasping for air, that I must let her out soon or she’ll die! So what’s keeping me?

How do you deal with writer’s block? What do you do to get past it?

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