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It has taken a ridiculously long time to get this up and running. I bought the domain name a full year ago! A friend offered to host the blog for me, and there it sat. Finally, I took the time to find my own server, and still it was another two months before I wrote my first post. So what are my goals for this site?

I write romance. Some of it is erotic, but most is not. I have two books that are part of a series of science fiction / romance. I have a couple that are historic westerns. Most of my books are contemporary, because that’s what I know. There is a bit of truth in everything I write, although it is all fiction. I may have a character break an arm – I broke my arm one icy Sunday morning right before a Packers game. My darling had to watch it from the emergency waiting lounge while I waited for the painkillers to kick in and for the doctor to show up so he could set it. The doctor was delayed by several hours, as he had to assist at a car accident caused by the icy road conditions.

If a character is in labor, I’ve been there-done that, five times. If a character suffers, I suffer with her. If she mourns, I recall those feelings from the dreadful day that I held my stillborn son in my arms and I weep all over my keyboard as I try to put those feelings into the story. When a character feels in love, that is easy for me to express, for I married the love of my life thirty-four years ago, and we are still very much in love. So whether the characters in my head are living today, or in the past, or on a distant planet, they are still created from the truth of my experience.

In my blog, I hope to share the writing life. If you enjoy writing, I will have posts about writing. If you are a fan, I will have posts about upcoming stories, or news about new releases and sales. And if you feel so moved as to leave a comment, I welcome your input!

Courage Knight

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