Master Bedroom Update

IMG_4268Just a short post, to share with you the progress I’ve made on remodeling my master bedroom. All the boxes are gone. I dusted and vacuumed, and found a comforter set my husband liked. It’s not what I thought he would like. I must have shown him a couple dozen bedspreads! He wanted blue, and blue is really hard to find this year. Everything was in the dark browns, gray, black, boring.

This spread really doesn’t look right with my olive-green walls, but I plan to paint the room very soon. Maybe even Thursday. I have a handful of paint chips for him to see – although I’ll make the final decision as he is color blind. He can see most blues, but struggles with greens, browns, and some shades of red.

I added a diffuser, as well, with some aromatic oils. I don’t know much about aroma therapy, but it does make the room smell nice!

I’ll add more pictures after I’ve painted the walls.

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