Never Be Nauseous Again

Another pair of words that people incorrectly use interchangeably, is nauseous and nauseated. They are actually opposites.

People Get Nauseated

When They Eat Something Nauseous.

Spoiled food can be nauseous. Heavily scented perfumes can be nauseous, especially in a confined space. The first trimester of a pregnancy can definitely cause nausea – which is the true meaning of “nauseous.” When something is nauseous, it causes us to feel queasy.

If you say that you are nauseous, then you are actually saying that you are causing everyone around you to feel sick! You are the “rotten eggs” or the “heavy perfume.” You are the thing that makes them want to throw up.

Now that you know the difference, you can be sure that you are never that person again.


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