New Romance Novel in the Works

Fort LaramieHello, fans and friends!

I’m working on a new erotic romance novel, temporarily titled “Fort Laramie.” It’s about some college students who take an internship working at a historic site where they dress in period clothing and give demonstrations to busloads of schoolchildren and tourists. Of course, romance and conflict will enter into the story!

What do you think of the title? Have you ever been to a historic site where people were dressed up to enact a part? What did you think of their presentation? What did you like best, or least, about it? Would you go again?

I missed going to the historic village at the Ford Museum in Michigan. I went to the museum with some relatives who were older, and they were exhausted after touring the car museum, so they didn’t want to visit the historic village. I hope to take my grandchildren with me and go back sometime soon. I read that you can take a horse-and-buggy ride through the historic village, and that just sounds like so much fun!

I’ll keep you posted as work on this new novel progresses.


Photo credits: Fort Laramie painted by Alfred Jacob Miller, in the public domain.

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