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ID-100305240This is Number 12 in the article, “15 Success Habits of Professional Authors and Writers” by Tom Corson-Knowles. It almost seems to contradict the last one, about rewriting your finished manuscript! How can you do both – rewrite and polish your book so it shines, but publish quickly? It’s tricky, but you do need to do both. You must always polish your work. Do not publish your book until it’s the best you can make it. But do not get so hung up on perfectionism – rewriting and rewriting again – that you never get around to publishing! There is a line between professionalism and perfectionism!

There is No Such Thing as a Perfect Book

That is an impossible standard to achieve. Don’t try to be perfect, but professional. A typo here or there isn’t going to make your information any less valid. Too many typos scream “amateur,” but two or three just won’t even be noticed.

Set yourself a schedule. After you finish your novel or non-fiction book, take a week off. Clear your head, and focus on something else. Then come back and spend a week, or no more than two weeks, rewriting your book. Then publish it. Then get to work on your next book!

If you want Amazon to notice you, you have to publish frequently. If you publish one book a year, Amazon isn’t going to promote it. You can still publish one book a year, but know that you are going to have to do all of your own marketing yourself, and more of it than if you can publish six to twelve books a year. But find your rhythm. Can you produce a saleable book every four to six weeks? Or every eight weeks?

What To Do When You Aren’t Writing

When you come to a stretch where you just don’t feel like writing, don’t quit. Maybe it’s not the right day to work on your current novel, but you could come up with ideas for three or four more novels. Or research the next book you want to work on. Or spend some time developing your email list, or writing blog articles. The point is, there is a lot to a writing career beyond writing a great book. Do something every day, and you’ll build a solid career.

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