Professional Authors Work on Multiple Projects

ID-10098742This is #13 – only two more to go! I touched on this at the end of the last post. One reason why it’s good to have multiple projects going, is for those days when you don’t feel particularly creative. Maybe you reached a rough patch in your nearly finished novel, but forcing yourself to work on it is about as productive as catching rainwater in a leaky bucket. Maybe you need to set it aside for a while and work on something else. But professional authors write every day – so even if you aren’t working on your novel, you need to have something else to work on.

Another reason to have multiple projects going, is because if you pour all your blood, sweat and tears into one baby, and after you publish it, it flops – you might be too discouraged to write again! So don’t quit with one child. Maybe you nursed this book through it’s infancy, but then you have another book “gestating” in your creative process. You have another book that’s already in the “teen age” years and it’s nearly ready to launch. Having multiple books to work on makes you more productive, and helps you build a more profitable career.

There is so much more to a writing career than writing books, though. You will want to write your author bio, your sales blurbs, your blog posts and your newsletters. You’ll want to write guest blog posts, so you can build your email list. You’ll want to write press releases when you have a new book about to launch. You will be writing all the time – every day – multiple projects, and maybe even across multiple genres. You are a writer! And professional writers write because they can’t help themselves.


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