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It’s that time of year… if you aren’t a type-A personality, and you don’t have your gifts all purchased or finished (if making them yourself), wrapped and waiting in a closet until Christmas Eve, then you’re like the rest of us – scrambling to come up with a great idea that says “I love you” without costing an arm and a leg, or taking too much time to create. I thought, what better way to provide useful information than to post some gift ideas? Hopefully, readers will add more ideas in the comments section, and we can all help each other get meaningful gifts for that most special someone in our life.

Create A Date Book for Him

Select a nice, pocket-sized calendar for your honey, and pencil in dates with him for the entire year. Does Friday or Saturday night work out better for you? Or maybe Sunday afternoon? Remember the seasons as you plan. A night on a blanket gazing up at the stars is a lot more fun in July than January. Here are some date ideas to get you going:

  • Take a bubble bath with your partner. Serve wine and romantic music.
  • Tech-free. Turn off all phones, TV, computers, even the lights. Light candles and just talk. Or play a game of cribbage first to loosen up.
  • Visit a bar with an old-fashioned pinball machine. Be crazy kids again, like when you were dating.
  • Play tourist in your hometown. Visit points of interest and gawk. Ask strangers to take your picture together.ID-10069973
  • Visit a bookstore together. Buy two copies of the same book (or one copy, and read it aloud together). Talk about the book, the characters, their choices and decisions and mistakes. Share what part you liked best.
  • Volunteer somewhere together, like a soup kitchen, park cleanup crew, or nursing home.
  • Go for a bike ride together. Some parks rent bikes if you don’t own your own. Try a new bike path. Pack a picnic, or at least, a refreshing drink.
  • Date night at home. Send the kids out. Spread a blanket on the carpet in front of the fire. If you don’t have a fireplace, light a bevy of candles and pretend.

Support His Favorite Team

Maybe sports has never been your thing. Opposites often do attract! I grew up in a family that groaned on Sunday afternoons because there was nothing to watch except football. My honey was the high school all-star athlete in at least three sports – maybe more. I couldn’t think of anything more boring than to watch a bunch of grown men push each other over on a field of astroturf. But my honey loves it!

After my son left home, my honey was left to watch the game by himself. I could encourage him to hit a sports bar, where he could be drinking and driving, or meeting some lovely young females who enjoy football more than I do – or – I could learn to enjoy the game and keep him company! The smart wife makes the smart sacrifice. After I learned a few of the rules in football, I was able to enjoy the game more.

With that in mind, you could buy his-and-hers team jerseys from your honey’s favorite team. Get a schedule of the team’s games, and mark them on your calendar, so you don’t accidentally schedule something else at that time. Plan ahead to what snacks you’ll serve. Then put it all in a big box and wrap it up together. You aren’t just giving your honey another shirt, you’re giving him the promise that you’ll be beside him all the way. And who knows? Maybe the two of you will one day go to a Super Bowl together, or the Olympics, or where ever your honey’s team takes you.

Give Your Master Bedroom a Make-Over

If you have the time and money, this is a great gift, especially for couples in a long-term relationship. At first, we are all about romance, but years later, after raising children, paying off a mortgage, managing one or two careers, the bedroom can look a little tired. How many of us use the master bedroom like a mini storage unit? When my children were little, everything I didn’t want them to get into – which was almost everything – got put into my bedroom! Now that they are grown, the habit is still in place. I still have moving boxes in my bedroom… and I’m ashamed to admit that we moved three years ago.

I plan to clean up our private space this year. Finish unpacking the boxes, rearrange the furniture, buy new bedding and curtains, and even paint the walls. The master bedroom in our “new” house had been painted a mossy green on two walls, and a dark slate gray on the other two. I kind of thought it was neat three years ago, but it just doesn’t say “romance” to me any more. I need to pick out the bedding first, then I can pick a wall color that compliments that. If your honey loves to help around the house, you might get away with gift wrapping the cans of paint, but I’m going to have to paint the room myself a few nights before Christmas.

This might not seem like much of a gift for him – but what you’re promising is a more romantic year together. Spending time with him in your private master bedroom retreat, instead of just catching a few hours of sleep together in the mini storage unit.

Try Something Kinky

If you exchange gifts privately and not in front of young children, you could give your man something from an adult toy store. What about a bottle of couple’s warming/tingling lubricant? Or a beginner bondage kit with fuzzy handcuffs and a bottle of chocolate syrup? There are flavored lotions for oral pleasure, couples dice and card games, floggers, vibrators, DVDs and more – and you don’t even have to go to an adult store to get them. The major online retailers stock them, too.

Christmas Gifts for Him

What will you give the man in your life this year? What did you do other years that was a big hit? If you have a great idea, please share it!


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