Still In Shock

Dear Courage,

I just have to share something. My DH and I were really struggling. Sex was unsatisfying and almost nonexistent. We started arguing a lot, and then one night, it all came out. I finally confessed to him what I really wanted in a relationship, and he did the same. And what’s really strange, is that we wanted some of the same things! That’s what has me in shock.

I’m really in to being dominated in the bedroom. Not out in public, I don’t want to be seen as a doormat, and I don’t want him to disrespect me or anything. But in the bedroom, I love it when he spanks me, or whips me. I love it when he acts all strong and macho, and just “takes” me! Why, the other day he grabbed me in the hallway, stripped off all my clothes and took me right up against the wall! I was practically screaming in ecstasy.

We have a small horsewhip, because we live on a small farm and have a barn, even though we don’t actually own any horses. We recently went online and ordered a bunch of toys, and can’t wait for them to arrive. And for my birthday, he wants to give me a stripper pole, that we’re going to set up in the basement. We’re going to make our own little “man cave” – for both of us, and keep all our toys and gear there, and keep the room locked, so no one ever stumbles on it accidentally.

I’m just so shocked! My darling DH who had been rather indifferent in the bedroom is now this sex-crazed beast! He is so in control and adventurous – eager to experiment. It’s completely renewed our relationship. I’m so happy we had the fight that finally made us reveal our hidden desires. It was all over both of us thinking that we were hiding something from the other – and we were. We were hiding our true nature! Now we are open and honest, and so incredibly happy. I just had to share.

More than Satisfied.

Dear More than Satisfied,
Thank you so much for sharing that with us! I’m very happy for you both. And I hope that our readers will learn something from this – that the best key to intimacy is communication. You have to be able to talk to your partner about your wants, hopes, desires, goals, dreams, and fantasies. If you can’t tell the one person on this planet that supposedly knows you the best – then who are you going to tell?

Readers – what secrets have you kept from your partner? What do you wish you could tell him or her? If you’d like to post them here, maybe we can help you find a way to bring it up and share that part of yourself.

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