Successful Authors Build an Email List

ID-10053747This is tip #4 in Tom Corson-Knowles list, “The 15 Success Habits of Professional Authors and Writers.”  This is a great tip, but one I haven’t done yet! Obviously, I know what I need to do next.

We all need an email list of our fans. This is the greatest marketing tool! It is more effective than Facebook ads, twittering, pinteresting, book signings, paid ads, or any other marketing effort in your list of tricks and tips. What is it that you ultimately want? You want people to buy your book! People aren’t buying books from Facebook ads. They don’t usually buy books from twitter posts. But you get the highest conversion rate of people buying your book from your targeted email newsletter that goes out only to your reading fans. So it makes sense to build your email list, doesn’t it?

You can use Facebook to build your email list. You can use Twitter to build your email list. Use Pinterest, LinkedIn, and any other social media that you choose, but use them  your email list. Then use your email list to promote your books. Okay, friends – how many of you have email lists? How many want them? I challenge you to get started today! And post a comment here. Maybe we can cheer each other on as we build our list from that first fan to thousands.


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