Successful Authors Continue to Learn

Ok, I reworded this one. Tom Corson-Knowles, CEO of TCKpublishing, actually wrote, “Professional authors invest in their own self education.”  The point is the same. The professional authors know that they need to continually improve. Just because they’ve had a few successes (or a lot of successes) doesn’t mean they know everything. They continually read books, attend conferences and conventions, take online courses, whatever it takes to become yet even better.

The reason why should be obvious. If they aren’t improving, their competition is. Eventually, their competition will be better than they are. Knowledge isn’t like a library full of books, and once you read all the books, you have all the knowledge in the word. Instead, knowledge is like a hot air balloon. You have to keep feeding it more hot air if you want to go anywhere. If you stop, eventually the hot air inside will cool, and you’ll lose altitude.

What have you done recently to improve yourself, your business or your writing? Have you attended a convention? Listened to a podcast? Taken a course? If not, consider doing so as soon as possible! It’s tax deductible because the I.R.S. knows that the better you become, the more money you’ll make, and the more taxes you’ll owe next year.

Here are some free online courses I’ve found for you to consider:

Start writing fiction
Writing for Young Readers: Opening the Treasure Chest
The Future Of Storytelling
Grammar and Punctuation
EBook Publishing School
How to Get High Quality Reviews on Amazon
EBook Marketing Plan

If you find a really useful course, share it here in the comments section. We’d all like to know about it, too! As for me, I’m starting with the “how to get reviews” course this afternoon!

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