Successful Authors Join and Build Communities

ID-100128909This is tip #5 in Tom Corson-Knowles’ list, “The 15 Success Habits of Professional Writers and Authors.” I like this one. I guess because I like getting out and meeting new people. This is different for me, but I’m not sure when I changed.

When I was a child, I was a bit of an introvert. I wanted people to like me, but I seldom did anything for people to even notice me. I was a joiner – I didn’t sit at home and wish for friends. I joined the YMCA (they had an active youth program and were within walking distance of our house.) I joined Girl Scouts (I was asked to leave after the camp out, but that’s another story!) I joined Job’s Daughters, the school Chess Club, Stage Band, and countless other activities. Still, I was a quiet introvert and didn’t know how to relate to people.

But somewhere between having and raising children, and becoming an author, things changed. Maybe it was mushing? I just know that one day my middle daughter shook her head at me and commented that she didn’t know how I could just walk up to a stranger and start talking to them! And I realized how much I had changed.

Anyway, personal story aside, authors should not sit in a vacuum in their home offices and just write. Maybe we need to do that in limited spurts of creative energy to complete a project, but we still need to get out and be active in the world. If you just hibernate, from where will you get new ideas ? Who will inspire you for your next great story?

Successful authors go to conventions and conferences. They join Facebook groups and post to twitter. They reach out to others, and not just to self-promote. They reach out to share and learn from one another. Just keep it in perspective! You do need to be part of the world, but you also need to focus on your writing. Find a schedule that works for you, and then stick with it.


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