Taking Care of Yourself

It’s been a rough year for me, which is why I haven’t posted lately. My dear mother passed away quite unexpectedly. I traveled to Maine to be with her for her final hours, and then I traveled back to Maine a few months later for the family memorial to celebrate her life. There have been other issues going on with the important people in my life. I feel like I’ve been giving, and giving and giving… and that I just don’t have much left to give.

We all know how important it is to take care of ourselves – but how many of us actually do it? So when my dear husband heard about this writers’ retreat, even though it’s over our 36th anniversary, he encouraged me to go. Isn’t he wonderful?

This is where I am today. I’m sitting outside enjoying the fresh breeIMG_6538ze, the scent of flowers and pine trees and lake water in the air. At an altitude of 1100 feet, the bugs are minimal, and the temperature is moderate. At least once a day I plunge into the spring-fed lake for a refreshing swim with other authors, where we play as though we had not a worry in the world. We’ve taken turns preparing meals. I made my easy-peasy chicken salad a few days ago, and we still have a bit of leftover for lunch. One author’s husband – a professional chef – came and prepared a three-course meal fit for the queen. The food has been fantastic, because I haven’t had to plan it, cook it, or even clean up after it, unless I wanted to.

I took a sight-seeing cruise of the lake on Sunday. I went to the movies last night. I’ve slept late, went to bed early, and my phone has hardly rung. Amazingly enough, after
IMG_6494st two days, my long dry spell broke, and I actually wrote 1000 new words on a story!

So, if you’re struggling to write, if your muse left on a long vacation, leaving you uninspired and unable to write – or sing, or dance, or whatever is your creative outlet, maybe it’s time you went on retreat as well?

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  1. Paris says:

    May your photos and memories continue to provide emotional sustenance and creative sparks until next time. It was amazing getting to meet & know the woman behind the tiles😊👍🏾❣

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