Valentine’s Day Plans

So, the most romantic day of the year is almost here! Are you ready for it?

Romance Doesn’t Just Happen

ID-100365383It’s not like you can just wake up a week from now, and suddenly have a fantastic day because the calendar says it is February 14th. Maybe Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean anything special to you – not everybody celebrates it. But what about your partner? Before you decide to do nothing special, you’d better make sure that your partner doesn’t have higher expectations.

We don’t have to give heart-felt cards, boxes of chocolates and flowers on February 14th. Our love should be apparent all year! But the purpose of a day devoted to romance is so we take the time to tell our loved ones exactly what they mean to us. We don’t want to take them for granted. So, if you love someone – whether it be a husband, a boyfriend, a parent, a child, even just a good friend – if you love them, you’d better be sure to tell them so sometime this coming week!

Get a Great Card

If you wait too long to buy a card, all the good ones will have been taken already. Then you’ll be left with the silly or stupid cards that no one else wanted. That’s no good! If you haven’t purchased a card yet, you’d better put that at the top of your to-do list. Or consider making a card or two. You can make them quite simply with paper, a bit of glue and imagination. A few samples are shown at the end.

Things to See and Do on Valentine’s Day

Beyond a card, what else would you like to do to celebrate? Do you want to:

  1. Go out for dinner? Then Make reservations.
  2. Have some chocolates? Drop a few hints, or buy them for your loved one and tell him/ her to share!
  3. Sleep in? Be sure to let that be known, and make suitable arrangements for children, set your phone to silent, and turn off the alarm clock.
  4. See a movie? Find out what’s going to be showing, and even buy the tickets.
  5. Go somewhere different? Find out what’s available in your community. Find out how much admission costs, hours that they’re open, etc. Depending on where you live, you might go to a museum, a car show, a dog show, etc.

Does it have to be a surprise? No! But don’t just go to your loved one and ask, “What do you want to do this year?” That’s the lazy way out. Show your partner that you’ve put some thought into it! Come up with three possibilities, then ask her/him what she would like to do from the three options. This can be even better than completely planning the day, as it allows your partner to have some input. Maybe what you think he wants and what he really wants are not the same. Maybe you’d like to go away for the three-day weekend (thanks to President’s Day!), while he’d rather stay home and unwind.

If You Don’t Have a Plan, You Won’t Get There

I have often heard, “If you don’t plan to succeed, then you plan to fail.” If you don’t figure out the steps you need to take to achieve success, then by default, you are going to fail. The same is true of any relationship. Don’t take your partner for granted. Remember him or her all through the year, but especially this coming weekend. It’s not too soon to place an order for flowers to have them delivered to his/her workplace. My mother gave my dad a bouquet of roses one year, and he was very touched! No one had ever given him flowers before.

Remember, it isn’t how much you spend that matters. It’s how much thought you put into it. Daisies can be just as special as roses – especially if you happen to know that your loved one really likes daisies!

So what are you going to do for Valentine’s Day? Share your ideas below! We’d all love to see them.


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