Which Blurb Should I Use?

fortlaramie_200x300He’s ready for marriage.

She’s not.

If she walks away from Mr. Right now, will she lose him forever?

That’s the headline for my new book that comes out in two days! What do you think so far? Is it something that might catch your interest? Maybe make you read more or walk away?

Then I wrote two very different blurbs for it, and I’m trying to decide which one to use. So I thought I’d ask for your input! Please leave a comment below whether you like the first one (shorter, funky) or the second one (longer, more traditional) better. Thank you very much!

Fort Laramie by Courage Knight


First Blurb:

Rules I wish I’d followed, by Carrie Carson:

  1. Don’t lie on your application, claiming to know things you don’t.
  2. Don’t sign up for a summer internship if the really cute hot grad student in charge wants to date you, unless you’re ready for it.
  3. Don’t ignore your boss’s orders, even if it is hot and the river looks so inviting!
  4. Don’t get even with said boss by letting the air out of the tires of his best friend’s van.
  5. Before falling for the really cute hot grad student, always ask if he’s into anything kinky – like spanking his girlfriend whenever he thinks she deserves it.
  6. Don’t tell lies – not even small white lies – to boyfriends who spank.


Second Blurb:

Tom McKay, a graduate student at U. W. – Madison, is in charge of setting up a living history project at the historic Fort Laramie. With grant money, he will erect an educational center, and outfit twelve undergrads to re-enact life at the fort in the mid 1880s. Hopefully, Carrie Carson will be one of the students. He’s been interested in her for over a year, but she won’t give him the time of day. If she joins this project, she’ll play the part of his wife for the summer – in name, only – but away from college, television, homework and other distractions, maybe she would get to know him… and maybe even like him. At the very least, he’ll be able to keep an eye on her. She’s far too reckless for her own good!

Carrie is a history major, and from the first moment she heard about the history project at Fort Laramie, she just knew she had to be a part of it! Even learning that Tom McKay is in charge isn’t enough to keep her away. There’s not anything wrong with Tom… he is a nice guy and really cute – but he is ready for marriage, and she isn’t. She wants to travel, learn things, sow some wild oats. The last thing she needs is a marriage license to hold her back.

So what if Tom is in charge? That doesn’t mean he can order her around all the time! If he tells her not to swim in the river, then that’s exactly what she’s going to do! She is twenty years old, after all, she is not a child!

Later that night, after a trip to the emergency room, Tom shows her exactly what happens to naughty “wives” in the 1880s. He gives her a choice. She can pack up her bags and go home – missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime, or she can accept a spanking at the hand of her make-believe husband, and not just for this one lapse in judgment, but for the rest of the summer.

Will she stay? And if he follows through on his threat to put her over his knee, how will that affect their relationship?

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